Our association was founded in 2000, named “A.R.S.W.”- Romanian Straight-Wire Association, and the aim of the association is to promote orthodontic research and all the orthodontic techniques and appliances. The association is national and it is open to all qualified orthodontists from all over the country, without regard to orthodontic technique used or philosophy. Since 2000 the Romanian Orthodontic Straight-Wire Association has organized five international congress and at least two courses annually. The most known speakers from all over the world who lectured at these congresses and courses are: R. Nanda (USA), H. Pancherz (Germany), V. Cacciaffesta (Italy), J. Faure (France), P. Planche (France), A. Zaher (Egypt) ,C. Melrose (England), D. Mirabella (Italy), Bennett and Mc Laughlin (USA), K. Bjerklin (Sweden), T. Magnusson (Sweden), J. Faber (Brasil), K. J. Lee (South Korea), G. Samson (USA), Stela Chaushu (Israel), Jacques Faure (France), Alain Bery (France), Jean David Sebaoun (France), Roland Mannchen (Switerland), Thierry De Coster (Belgium), Joseph Bouserhal (Lebanon), Paul et Catherine Mattout (France).
In 2015 we changed our name from Romanian Straight-wire Association in Romanian Association for Excellence in Orthodontics (AREO), as our members considered that the name was too restrictive, because we have promoted all orthodontic techniques and also we were the only Romanian orthodontic association with sustained and uninterrupted activity. Because of these changes we were accepted in the WFO and FEO.
Also starting from this year we propose to publish the Romanian Orthodontic Journal, Editor Emeritus R.Nanada.