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(04.6.1929 – 05.12.2011)

PhD 1969

Member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences


Recipient of:

Gh. Marinescu” prize of the Romanian Academy (1967) for the monography: „Orthodontic appliances: principles and methods”

Toma Ionescu” prize of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences (1998) for his entire scientific and professional career.

Prof. dr. Gheorghe Boboc graduated from the Faculty of Stomatology, Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest in 1954 as highest ranking amongst his class. He started his academic career in 1957 and, only six months after, he was put in charge of organizing and leading the orthodontic section of the Faculty. In this position, he devised and later developed the university curricula both for the theoretical and practical knowledge of orthodontics, curricula which still constitutes the foundation of today’s orthodontic university education.

He covered all the steps of academic hierarchy up to professor and has been in charge of leading the Department of Continuing Education in Dentistry l (1983-1989) and Orthodontics (1989-1999). After his retirement, he continued to act as a consultant professor at the UMF Carol Davila Bucharest, whilst keeping up his private practice.

His didactical activity has been based on teaching orthodontics to students and postgraduates, as well as basic maxillofacial and dentistry knowledge to the students of the Faculties of General Medicine and Pediatrics. Thus, he established the curricula for students, postgraduates, and general dentists seeking continuing education courses. He participated and led numerous examination committees, where he was known for his fair and impartial judgement.

One of his main achievements was the acceptance of orthodontics as a distinct medical specialty in Romania.

In 1994, he initiated and succeeded in establishing the Romanian National Association of Orthodontics, ANRO, which was a cofounder of the World Federation of Orthodontists. He acted as ANRO’s first President.

His scientific activity generated more than 200 oral presentations and published works. He authored the following books: Orthodontics, course, lithography IMF (1961); Malocclusions, Ed. Medicală (1971); Orthodontic appliances: principles and methods, Ed. Medicală (1974); Craniofacial formation and growth, Ed. Medicală (1979, reedited and supplemented 1996); Treatment of malocclusions, Ed. Medicală (1982); Bonding in orthodontics, as first author, Ed. Facla (1987); Pathology of the stomatognathic system, course, lithography IMF (1987), Pediatric otorinolaringology, as colab., Ed. Medicală (1992).

His main scientific activities were focused in orthodontics, by trying to introduce worldwide therapies into Romania, by devising his own therapies and appliances and by diversifying the existing treatment means. Some of his particular fields of interest were the stepwise therapy of malocclusions, the final equilibration of the orthodontic results, the conservative treatment of adult prognathism, deep bite therapy, complex treatment of cleft patients, diversification of orthodontic appliances, surgical approach and low force use for impacted teeth and so on. He was passionate about photography and has extensively documented the evolution of his patients.

He dedicated all his life’s effort to his patients, his students and his great love: orthodontics.