Art. 5

THE ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION FOR EXCELLENCE IN ORTHODONTICS” has as a main goal to promote orthodontics science and technique and sponsor this field, to obtain and maintain certain standards as regards the practical and theoretical training of those who practice or who want to become specialists in orthodontics, as well as to develop specific activities meant to contribute to the public health from an orthodontic point of view.

The Association has as a main goal to protect the interest of its members as regards the state public institutions or any natural person or legal entity.

Art. 6

The constitution of the association represents the will of its funding members, who agreed to adhere on 01.09.2001. The Association was established based on the Decision from 5.10.2001, record no. 210/PJ/2001 pronounced by Iași Court of Law and it is registered in the Associations and Foundations Register under no. 103/A/12.10.2001.

Art. 7

The Association is and remains open for any natural person or legal entity legally acting as an orthodontic technician or dentist, according to the requirements outlined in Section VI, Articles 11.2 through 11.5.

Art. 8

In order to accomplish its goal, the Association shall develop the following activities:

1. It shall elaborate concrete programs as regards to orthodontics activities;

2. It shall promote the partnership spirit among the members of the Association;

3. It shall support and collaborate with all the other associations from this field, as well as with the relative specialists in the area, both in the country and abroad;

4. It shall give special counsel to both natural persons and legal entities who want to achieve knowledge as regards the orthodontics techniques;

5. It shall organize courses, seminars, symposiums, exhibitions, congresses and scientific manifestations in orthodontics for the continuous professional education of the orthodontists;

6. It shall elaborate and apply programs meant to fight against dental conditions;

7. It shall award attendance certificates to those attending certain continuing education courses;

8. It shall support the members of the families in need;

9. It shall edit and publish specialty materials in orthodontics and dentistry;

10. It shall legally attract and use financial sources coming as subventions, subscriptions, donations, contributions, sponsorships meant to help accomplish the goal of the Association;

11. It shall develop any other economic activities permitted by law in order to obtain the necessary incomes to accomplish its goal.