23-25 May, 2024, 14 th Congress AREO Brasov, Romania

23-25 May, 2024, 14 th Congress AREO Brasov, Romania

Brasov is a very beautiful town in the center of Romania, with 250k inhabitants, in a mountain area, near famous palaces and surrounded by astonishing places.

Currently, Brasov is a privileged city; between its borders you can enjoy the peaks of Postavaru, Bucegi, Piatra Mare, Mount Tampa and one of the most admired resorts in Romania – Poiana Brasov. The historical monuments and religious edifices found on the streets of Brasov offer you the opportunity of a real journey through time.

The geographical position of the city made Brasov the center where the wealth of the time gathered, people met and ideas crossed. The powerful guilds (tailors, coppersmiths, blacksmiths, armorers, postmen, weavers and goldsmiths) transformed Brasov into a powerful craft center.

Fortress walls and bastions, watchtowers and watchtowers, warehouses and markets, workshops and warehouses, inns, churches and hospitals were built here, all after the fashion of medieval European cities. These buildings can still be seen today on the streets of Brasov.